European Union Sivil Düşün Programme: The European Union technical assistance programme that responds directly and swiftly to the needs of civil society…

Sivil Düşün brochure

European Union Sivil Düşün Programme was launched by the Delegation of the European Union to Turkey towards the end of 2012 to support civil society. The programme supports activists, civil society organisations, networks and platforms under the same umbrella.

Through various support mechanisms, Sivil Düşün supports active individuals and civil society organisations. These support mechanisms have been designed as a result of the input provided by civil society actors during consultations carried out with representatives of numerous civil society organisations, as well as activists, throughout Turkey.

Sivil Düşün was designed to strengthen the structures and values of participatory democracy. The programme supports are open to all the activities that strive to contribute to the strengthening of democratic values, and are based on stringent principles of fair competition, equal opportunity and transparency.

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Sivil Düşün Supports

Sivil Düşün provides flexible, transparent and accessible supports to rights-based work carried out by activists, civil society organisations, platforms, networks, civil initiatives, foundations, associations, rights-based cooperatives, non-profit companies, city councils, unions, as well as human rights and civil society units of universities.

Sivil Düşün Supports are provided under five categories: Event/Meeting, Mobility and Networking, Organisation, Advocacy and Campaign, as well as Communication. Since the launch of Sivil Düşün, over 3000 applications have been received, out of which over 800 actions were selected for implementation.

Supports provided directly address the needs of the civil society, and a participatory approach is adopted in all stages. Supports contribute in the inclusion and equal participation of disadvantaged groups and grassroots organisations through addressing their needs. The Programme provides an effective platform for civil society organisations, active citizens, networks, platforms and other civil organisations to network and learn from each other.

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Sivil Düşün Campaigns

Sivil Düşün carries out communication campaigns hoping to create platforms of discussion on such issues like activism, peace and fundamental rights; using various communication channels and tools such as the web, social media, articles, photos, videos and publications in our campaigns and present alternative platforms for you to contribute with your ideas.

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Sivil Düşün Events

Sivil Düşün continues to bring together activists and representatives of civil society organisations, networks, platforms, foundations, unions and civil initiatives across Turkey through its CSO Forums, Advisory Committee Meetings, Info Days, trainings, roundtable and consultation meetings since April 2014.

Always asserting a participatory and inclusive approach, Sivil Düşün encourages participants to share their experience and know-how in meetings, sessions, working groups and workshops, letting participants be in charge. Sivil Düşün provides an effective platform in these thematic events and meetings where over one thousand participants, engaged in rights-based work, had the chance to learn from one another and were offered the chance to collaborate.

Sivil Düşün 4th Anniversary Book

Leaving behind four years, Sivil Düşün has compiled the activities it has supported, the projects under its Networks and Platforms Programme, communication campaigns, and events running though 2013-2016.

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Sivil Düşün Digital Library

You can now find Sivil Düşün 4th Anniversary Book, Civil Society Event Toolkit, training materials, and digital resources for civil society at Sivil Düşün Online Library.

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Networks and Platforms Programme

Through Sivil Düşün’s Networks and Platforms Programme, nine long-term projects were supported between the years 2013 and 2014. These networks and platforms have set out to bring together activists and organisations that work around common goals.

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Sivil Düşün Content Policy

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