European Union Sivil Düşün Programme: The European Union technical assistance programme that responds directly and swiftly to the needs of civil society…

What is Sivil Düşün?

Towards the end of 2012, the Delegation of the European Union to Turkey has launched its new programme Sivil Düşün to support the work of rights-based civil society organisations and active citizens to increase their capacity to:

  • Carry out rights-based actions
  • Conduct advocacy and monitoring activities
  • Strengthen organisations and financial sustainability
  • Network and collaborate among peers within Turkey as well as between Turkey, EU, IPA, and ENI countries
  • Reach out to citizens through awareness-raising activities
  • Increase the visibility and public support of right-based initiatives

Sivil Düşün delivers support for small scale, short-term actions in a fast, flexible and innovative way. Activities provide civil society actors space to network, share experience, collaborate, learn and create.

The EU Delegation to Turkey has designed the Sivil Düşün Programme to respond to the findings of consultations carried out with representatives of numerous civil society organisations and activists throughout Turkey.

Sivil Düşün welcomes the participation of all civil society organisations and active citizens who share the European Union values and its goal of advancing fundamental rights and freedoms, democracy and equality.

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What does Sivil Düşün Support?

Since its creation in 2012, SIVIL DÜŞÜN has supported over 2000 small-scale activities and engaged more than 5,000 civil actors from 81 provinces throughout Turkey in workshops, fora, roundtables and campaigns.

Yet, Sivil Düşün continuously renews itself! Because Sivil Düşün wants to listen to civil society and talk to them without intermediaries.  Sivil Düşün values understanding civil society’s needs and offering innovative solutions to these. If you aim to protect and further develop the fundamental rights, it is  #agoodday to start thinking civil and apply for Sivil Düşün support.

Sivil Düşün continues to support civil actions as always in a fast, flexible and accessible manner. Sivil Düşün support mechanisms are now renewed to help CSOs and activists to identify their needs and start their work with a clear target on what they want to achieve.

Sivil Düşün supports rights-based actions of CSOs and activists who would like to grow by developing new skills; to create an impact on decision-makers; to get heard and improve organisational skills and capacity.

Now you can choose from 4 categories to help you reach these objectives and ask for support:

Learn New Skills and Techniques such as

  • Communicating ideas and presenting information more effectively.
  • Increasing the involvement of volunteers, members and supporters
  • Working with diverse stakeholders
  • Raising funds and managing budgets.
  • Developing policy recommendations
  • Using digital tools and platforms more effectively.

Get Heard for

  • Providing the public with reliable and objective information
  • Raise public awareness
  • Fighting disinformation
  • Becoming more visible and gain public support
  • Engaging citizens in rights-based actions

Impact the Public Policy by

  • Gaining the support of decision-makers
  • Increasing digital and conventional media coverage
  • Securing the support of opinion makers and key stakeholder groups
  • Mobilising citizens
  • Developing policy recommendations
  • Establishing a coalition or network


Strengthen organisational capacity by

  • Improving your rights-based approach
  • Becoming more productive and better able to serve the needs of your target audiences
  • Forming collaborations, partnerships or networks
  • Diversifying funding sources and achieving sustainability
  • Developing and implement a long- term strategic plan
  • Managing change and adopting more innovative and creative approaches and tactics


Once you identified what you want to do, you can now identify your tools and methods to reach these objectives. Sivil Düşün can support you by covering the cost of the following items (up to 5 thousand Euros for each application) that you might have chosen for your actions:

  • Video production and postproduction
  • Equipment rental
  • Travel including airfare, bus, sea or rail transport
  • Passport, visa, foreign travel insurance, and departure stamp costs
  • Subsistence allowance
  • Printing and production of visibility materials
  • Graphic design for digital and printed content
  • Advertisements in print and digital media
  • Event & meeting organisation
  • Accommodation
  • Event participation fees
  • Translation, Interpretation and Sign language

You may ALSO request the support of experts, people with in-depth knowledge and extensive experience able to provide guidance, mentoring, training or technical services. Expert fees are in addition to the maximum €5 thousand support limit indicated above.



The maximum you can request is €5,000 for any combination of the eligible cost items listed below. You can submit more than one RfS, but the total may not exceed €10,000 during this phase of Sivil Düşün.

 You can select more than one eligible cost item.


Who can apply?

Sivil Düşün supports civil society organisations and active citizens who advance fundamental rights and freedoms as defined in international agreements.

Civil society organisations including

  • Associations, foundations, civil initiatives, networks or platforms
  • Civil society units or centres at a university
  • Federations, confederations
  • Non-profit cooperatives or companies
  • Labour unions
  • Professional organisations
  • Bar associations
  • City councils


Active citizens and individuals who work in a volunteer capacity to advance human rights. These include but are not limited to individuals who:

  • Dedicate significant time and energy to a formal or informal rights-focused activity
  • Assume volunteer leadership responsibilities for a rights-focused activity
  • Start a new rights-focused initiative or network.


How to apply?

Sivil Düşün is open to receiving requests for support on a continuous basis beginning on 30 September 2020 through early 2022.

There are no deadlines for this general call for support!

Sivil Düşün will announce the 2022 closing date as soon as it is determined.

Before applying, please read the Request for Support Guideline for details.

To request support from Sivil Düşün, you must register to Online Information System, create your account and fill in a simplified form to explain you or your organisation, your right based action and what would you ask Sivil Düşün to support.

How does the compliance check process work?

Sivil Düşün reviews each request for support on a first-come, first-serve basis in three phases.

Phase 1: Technical Eligibility Check

Sivil Düşün determines whether your request for support meets the minimum technical eligibility requirements. You can check these requirements at Request for Support Guideline.

Sivil Düşün team members check the Technical eligibility of each request for support.


Phase 2: Qualitative Eligibility Check

Sivil Düşün determines whether your request for support fulfils the Qualitative Eligibility criteria. There are two sets of criteria: determining criteria and supportive criteria. You can check these requirements at Request for Support Guideline.

Two independent experts check the qualitative eligibility of each request for support.


How to follow a request for support?

You can follow the status of your request for support via the Online Information System. Once your request for support is approved, you will be assigned a support officer from Sivil Düşün team to help you throughout the implementation.


Where to get information?

Sivil Düşün hosts a series of online Info Days to provide guidance on completing the requests for support and respond to questions. You may follow Sivil Düşün social media accounts to hear about the next Info day and register to take your place.

You can also contact Sivil Düşün hotlines on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 09:30 to 12:30

0538 013 02 48 – 0538 013 02 68

0539 857 58 17 – 0539 857 58 20

Email the Hotline at or use the messaging System in Online Information System 24/7.

Sivil Düşün will attempt to respond to you promptly, but no later than three business days.


Check out these useful documents before applying to Sivil Düşün supports.

Request for Support Form

You must apply through the Sivil Düşün Online Information System. If you have difficulty accessing the System, you can download the relevant form below, fill in and send to the Sivil Düşün hotline. You can also test your request for support over these forms.

Request for Support Guideline

We strongly request you to read this Guideline before you apply thoroughly. You can find responses to many questions you might have, such as are you eligible to apply, what can you request, how your request for support will be evaluated and what cannot be supported.

Implementation Guideline

Once your request is approved, what will be the steps you need to follow? Which expenditures will be covered, and how? How can you work with an expert? You may find responses to these and many other details that will help you smoothly apply your action in these guidelines.

Visibility Guideline

A set of guidelines and rules to follow while producing visibility, communication and information materials, digital tools and channels and any other public output with Sivil Düşün support.

Documents you would need while you are implementing your actions.

  • Activity Calendar
  • VAT Exemption
  • Supplier Contracts
  • Sample Invoices
  • Report on Action
  • Travel Request Forms
  • Accommodation Request Forms
  • Subsistence Request Forms
  • Reimbursement Form
  • Signatory Lists
  • Order Forms



Complaint/Appeal Form

Sivil Düşün welcomes your feedback and invites you to complete this form and send to Sivil Düşün at, if you have concerns about the compliance process or feel your request for support has not received a fair review.

The Sivil Düşün Team Leader, who plays no direct role through the compliance check processes will conduct an independent review and respond after consulting with the EUD.

The Sivil Düşün Team Leader will acknowledge the receipt of your complaint/appeal by email and respond within seven working days.

Sivil Düşün Campaigns

Sivil Düşün carries out communication campaigns hoping to create platforms of discussion on such issues like activism, peace and fundamental rights; using various communication channels and tools such as the web, social media, articles, photos, videos and publications in our campaigns and present alternative platforms for you to contribute with your ideas.

Click here to learn more about ‘Sivil Düşün’s campaigns’.

Sivil Düşün Events

Sivil Düşün continues to bring together activists and representatives of civil society organisations, networks, platforms, foundations, unions and civil initiatives across Turkey through its CSO Forums, Advisory Committee Meetings, Info Days, trainings, roundtable and consultation meetings since April 2014.

Always asserting a participatory and inclusive approach, Sivil Düşün encourages participants to share their experience and know-how in meetings, sessions, working groups and workshops, letting participants be in charge. Sivil Düşün provides an effective platform in these thematic events and meetings where over one thousand participants, engaged in rights-based work, had the chance to learn from one another and were offered the chance to collaborate.

Sivil Düşün 4th Anniversary Book

Leaving behind four years, Sivil Düşün has compiled the activities it has supported, the projects under its Networks and Platforms Programme, communication campaigns, and events running though 2013-2016.

Click here to reach the details, statistics, photos and videos pertaining to last four years.

Sivil Düşün Digital Library

You can now find Sivil Düşün 4th Anniversary Book, Civil Society Event Toolkit, training materials, and digital resources for civil society at Sivil Düşün Online Library.

Click here to reach Sivil Düşün’s online publications and resources.

Networks and Platforms Programme

Through Sivil Düşün’s Networks and Platforms Programme, nine long-term projects were supported between the years 2013 and 2014. These networks and platforms have set out to bring together activists and organisations that work around common goals.

Click here to learn more about ‘Sivil Düşün’s Networks and Platforms Programme.’

Sivil Düşün Content Policy

European Union Sivil Düşün Programme reserves the right to review, edit and/or delete any comments it deems as inappropriate and discriminate use, vulgar, profane or inappropriate language as part of its guidelines. Users who do not adhere to the above guidelines may have their comments and privileges edited or removed.

The online content of Sivil Düşün is the sole responsibility of the Consortium led by WeGlobal and in no way be interpreted as the opinion of the European Union.